Welcome to the ULT Public Demo Site

This site has been set up to demonstrate the various capabilities of the 'Ultimate League Tool' suite of league management modules. For more information on the ULT project, view the module's project page on drupal.org, or the discussions within the Sports Club (League) Management group on groups.drupal.org.

A number of demo accounts have been created, to allow you to evaluate the league management tools from various viewpoints; including that of a player, team captain, or league administrator:

Role Username Password
Player 'Player1' through 'Player10' 'Player1' through 'Player10'
Team Captain 'Captain1' through 'Captain5' 'Captain1' through 'Captain5'
League Administrator 'leagueadmin' ultdemoadmin

To discourage spam and/or malicious changes, the site has been configured to reset itself to its default state every 2 hours, so feel free to poke around and experiment. If you break something, it shouldn't stay broken for long. :)

To get started, login with one of the account credentials listed above, and click on the 'ULT Leagues' menu item.